2014 Overview – Extract from Treasurer’s Report

2014 Overview

This is an extract from your Treasurers report for 2014 year – think we all should be proud of what we achieved this year because we did have fun, made or reaffirmed friendships and although the numbers are not the complete story they do suggest we made a difference too.
Overall in the Rotary year from July 2013 to June 2014 Tilehouse events and other activities generated a surplus of £36k in this year, an increase of £6k on 2013, with H3M and LGWWI day, Haiti Project, HWFF, and the Shelterbox appeal contributing £28k of that total.
That represents approximately £550 per member of Tilehouse, a fair reflection of your effort?
From these funds and prior year work we made donations of £27k principally to:


  • Shelterbox                      8500
  • Herts Young Carers       1400
  • British Schools               1700
  • Stagenhoe                     1500
  • Hitchin Initiative              1000
  • Rotary Foundation         2500
  • Children In Need            1500
  • Sand Dams                    1000
  • Cancer Hair Care           1000
  • Kids Out                         1300
  • Summer School              1000

We will shortly make a further donation of £10,000 to Cancer Hair Care which perhaps should be included in the total and we have built up a fund of nearly £14k for the Haiti Project which should be completed in 2015.

Interestingly including the CHC donation (a national charity) the split between Local National and International projects is 12k, 13k, 12k.