Club Meetings

Club Meetings

Weekly meetings are held Fridays at 7:15am to 8:15am at the Sun Hotel, Hitchin. Usually 40 to 50 of us make it and enjoy a full English breakfast – cost is £7:25.  Meeting purpose is one of the following:

Education Meeting – Usually by one of the members talking about a project, Rotary event or aspect of the organisation which members are unfamiliar or has changed.

Business Meeting – Where we hear team reports and review proposals for projects and donations or other matters which require the agreement of the whole club

Fellowship Meeting – Time is set aside to chat to members and enjoy a laugh and a catch up with others.

Speaker Meetings – This is where our membership services team have invited people to come and talk on a project or charity. Can be as dull as watching Arsenal play but mostly they provide insight into the great work being done by groups and individuals to support people and communities. Past Speakers include

We usually make a small donation to the charities, Trusts and Foundations associated with the speakers; sometimes the presentation inspires members to organise events to provide larger contributions.

Fifth Friday Meeting – There is actually no meeting in the last week of a month with 5 Fridays except that usually a couple of members forget and turn up anyway. Having said that occasionally we throw in a curve ball and have a fellowship meeting at another venue but we do give good notice of where and when so if you don’t hear of anything, safe to say it is not happening and you get a lie-in.

Monthly Meetings

Are exactly as the name suggests, meetings held every month at a different day time and venue to suit all those who cannot make the early morning weekly meetings.

Standard Meeting Agenda

  1. Thought for the day
  2. Breakfast
  3. Welcome to Guests
  4. Family of Rotary – updates and info on members who are facing personal challenges and maybe not at the meeting or have special events
  5. Visits to Other Rotary Clubs and meetings. There are thousands of them and some of our members get around especially Amanda Watkin and Mark Herjtzen who are tireless (or do I mean tyreless) in their work for our community through Rotary. Plus part of the role of President is to liaise with District and other Rotary Clubs on projects and activities; this helps to remind us of what we are a part  of and the power of Rotary to make a difference
  6. Bonus Ball – winners of our weekly draw based upon Lotto. All at breakfast can join in £1 per number. Winners are announced the week later
  7. Announcements – upcoming events and requests for help or support; dates for your diary

Then the agenda goes with the type of meeting as above.

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