Club Organisation

Org 4Club Organisation

Leadership team – President, Senior and Junior Vice Presidents. Represent club on RIBI district organizations and sub district co-ordinating groups. Focal point for club members and teams. Chair Council meetings and try to keep order at our Breakfast meetings

Council – President, Senior and Junior Vice Presidents, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, 6 elected members. Meets monthly to agree projects and proposals, review club performance and address urgent issues. Has limited power to authorise donations or expenses, otherwise approves for consideration and approval by whole club at a business breakfast meeting

Club Committees/Teams – currently all members join one of the following teams to work on projects and activities

Each team meets once a month usually at one member’s home or similar, occasionally involves liquid refreshments too. Up to the teams to decide on projects or initiatives they wish to pursue within the remit of the team. Major projects are normally reviewed by council and subject to the approval of the club at a business meeting which helps to keep demand on resources within limits.

Ad-hoc Teams

Org 3

  • Past Presidents Committee
  • Administration

These meet as required on special projects and act as mentors to President and Vice Presidents


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