Foundation Committee

Target: To raise through events and fundraising activities and the promotion of sustaining membership a donation to the Rotary Foundation of approx $100 per member per year.


It is a challenge to keep thinking of new events to entertain members and to attract support from friends and neighbours but highlights from the past few years include

  • Christmas party – fellowship, food and dancing at the British Schools Museum
  • Halloween Night – an opportunity for dressing up and ghoulish fun in the dark

Halloween 1Halloween 3


  • ‘Raise the Bar’
  • Cocktail evening
  • My Life Already – a splendid evenings music from celebrated vibraphonist R Nobes
  • Clay Shoot – always a popular event and no deaths or serious injuries to date
  • Hog Roast – follows the clay shooting and a delicious way to round off the day expertly cooked by Rotarian Richard Warner SmithClay shoot

So we do rely on the creativity and innovation of the team but it’s a great cause

Up coming Events in 2013/14 are

Clay Pigeon Shoot

Leaders: Tracy Maryan

    • Likes- chocolate, what girl doesn’t!! The first flowers in spring along with walking the dog on a crisp autumn day followed by hot chocolate by the fire. Camping- the simplest of life, smelling of camp fire and star gazing! Travelling- but not staying in hotels, my last two big holidays have been a three month tour to Ghana living in an orphanage and a survival tour in the Sahara desert living on well water and learning survival techniques. Next one planned is husky sledging.
    • Dislikes- bad manners and laziness; I see no need for either. Also Inappropriate swearing really gets my goat and offends me. Home is Pirton village – has only been for a year and is my first house and still feels special when I walk in at the end of the day. Its a social village with a great community feel, and plenty of opportunities for those walks in the surrounding fields. Been in Rotary for seven years- joined after being a GSE Team member and to give back. Love the like-minded people coming together and getting ‘things’ done Dislike some of the pomp and circumstance that often takes over from the true purpose.

Steve DyerIMG_0232 (2)

    • My home and work both take place within a few doors of each in Tilehouse Street Hitchin. Very shortly both home and work will be in the same place because I hate commuting. It’s such a waste of your life and money. I joined Rotary (Tilehouse) approximately 10 years ago. Mrs Dyer had joined before me and as she woke me up early every Friday I thought I might as well come along too. I’m glad I did, I have had lots of fun: walked the Thames Path twice and cycled to Scarborough from Hitchin raising over £50k in the process. I like to think we have done some good locally, in South Africa and New Orleans. I am very excited about the Haiti project which I think will pay great dividends (and to coin a phrase ‘change lives’) for modest outlay.
    • I dislike the pomp and ceremony of the old guard in Rotary. But that is changing fast and hopefully we will get younger members. I did once invite Michael Winner to lunch but he turned me down, my friends and family don’t normally.

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