Stagenhoe Sensory Garden

Stagenhoe Sensory Garden

In 2011 Tilehouse completed was one of the most enjoyable projects in its history.

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Stagenhoe is a Sue Ryder Care home in St Pauls Warden just outside Hitchin. It provides long term care to chronically ill patients many of whom have spent most of their lives there. Tilehouse has been providing support to the patients with Christmas presents and also through the postcards project – members send them to the patients from various places they visit on holiday and for work to provoke patients memories and discussions.

The Sensory Garden project was to refurbish an area of the home’s garden to make it accessible to the patients and provide an area where they could go to relax and enjoy the pleasures of flowers and gardening.

Stag 3The work involved included some heavy digging and weed clearance; much to the pleasure of Matt Reeve it meant we had the services of motorised wheelbarrows and a mini-digger.

Stag 2Luckily the project was lead by expert garden designers Val Leal-Bennett and Liz Willoughby.  Meant that the rest of us ‘just do it’ rather than get creative. The weather was warm which is not always the case with Rotary events and a delicious lunch provided.

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Much of the enjoyment of the event was in seeing the results of our efforts appear before our eyes and a sense of achievement at doing a good job. The garden was warmly welcomed by the residents and is in regular use providing an outdoor space for the residents of Stagenhoe  to enjoy.Stag 1

The next stage in the project is to complete a new animal proof fence for in 2013. We shall also be making an annual maintenance visit.

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