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Back to the Source – Thames Walk 2

In 2009 three intrepid members Tony Norgan, Steve Dyer, Charles Smith and Alan Doggett (well 2 members and two who slept with members) volunteered to complete the 2004 Hitchin Trek in reverse to raise money to purchase a minibus for the Hithcin Helping Hands Charity. Interestingly the distance had grown from 180 miles to 211; must be global warming or something.

The sharp eyed will have noted that Steve and Tony were 2 parts of the Trek team. Must have dropped something

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 As before the back-up team travelled by boat and, as this picture clearly shows, the effort required for this role was significant

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Sponsorship of the walkers and the bridges along the route was raised by club members and over £26k was collected.

The team was joined at regular intervals by other Tilehousians and a special dinner was held at the halfway point followed by the rest and recuperation day.

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 None of the people involved will ever forget the drama and energy of this event; the joi de vive of Team Norgan, the endless energy of the Dyers, calm determination of Alan Doggett (who was avidly following the Ryder cup as he walked) and the boundless enthusiasm of Charles Smith. An inspiration to all Rotarians

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The pleasure of completing the walk was matched by the feeling of achievement on handing over the keys to the new Minibus to the Helping Hands Team

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