Britain at War

Britain at War


Britain at War

In 1914 starting in June a series of events combined to result in the most widespread and all encompassing war the world had yet experienced, what was to become known at the time as the Great War and latterly World War 1.

The first year of the war began as the widely expected war of movement, but with France holding it settled later into stubborn trench warfare along the Western Front and offensives and counter offensives involving equally massive losses of life on the Eastern Front.

To commemorate this year Tilehouse President Noel Downes commissioned Rory Reynolds, Artistic Director of the Queen Mother Theatre, to write and direct a play for the award winning Big Spirit Youth Theatre for the members and friends of Tilehouse.

The play centres on the life of Private Peaceful and his brother from their early school and home life through to his tragic death on the Western Front.

The evocative script captured the era, the moment and the order of the day; the young actors were superb transporting the audience from the bucolic fields of the brothers early days to their desperate end in the muddy fields of France.

Attached here are notes for the play and the times by Rory Reynolds, and the Cast list

The event was in aid of the local charity CancerHairCare  and raised over £1000 to enable them to visit hospitals and local venues providing help and guidance to people addressing the issues of hair care whilst undergoing treatment.

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