Rotary Random Riders

Rotary Random Riders

RRR Logo In June 2011 an intrepid group of Tilehouse Rotarians cycled from Hitchin to District Conference in Scarborough raising with the support of the whole club £15000 shared between Prostate Cancer, the National Autistic Society and Keech Cottage Hospice.


The 7 man team (Leader David Rickels, Tony Norgan, Tim Farr, Steve Dyer, Mark Manning , John Pearce and Alan Wright) used 2 Tandems and a Trandom for the event and were brilliantly backed by a support crew providing food, encouragement, navigation assistance and carrying the heavy baggage.

The 225mile route (should have been 216 but we took a detour) took in a number of highlights including crossing the Humber bridge and visiting with Rotary clubs along the way.

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Some will remember the ride for the attempt on the life of one of the riders when celebrating their arrival at Wisbech.  Names have been withheld to protect the guilty.

Others will remember repairing a punctured tyre three times using already punctured inner tubes – cleaning up and packing away in between three times too

However all will remember the sense of relief and achievement on arriving at the seafront in Scarborough.


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