Membership Services

Membership Services

Target: To grow our club, to ensure our members have fun, build lasting friendships, and to make sure that our club functions well.



Leaders Dharmesh Patadia

Likes: Spontaneity, fun and can do attitude.

Dislikes: Formality when not necessary, being a caged animal, people who don’t listen and those who think they are something

Who you most like to invite to dinner and why: Mahatma Gandhi – to listen and talk about how he made others understand his vision for the future

Where is home and why: Hitchin since 2000, prior to which I relocated across the UK at least 5 times. Married with 3 teenage children. How long you have been a member of Rotary: Since 2000, past President and currently deputy chair Membership Services, loves what Rotary brings to the community and the fellowship opportunity locally and around the world but would like reduced formality





Tony Freeman


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