PR and Communications

Public Relations and Communication

Target: Our role is to promote Rotary particularly support the projects the club is organizing and manage the various communication channels the club uses to interact with members, followers and supporters.

Leaders Dave Rickels

Dave Rickels













Kevin Morgan

Kevin M

    • Likes: the company of good people, being pleasantly surprised by the unexpected, humility and genuine kindness.
    • Dislikes:Not a lot. Lack of generosity of spirit and all that implies.
    • People I would most like to have to dinner: Lord Lucan – did he really do it? Irwin Rommel, Field Marshal Montgomery, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Boadicea. We’d all have egg and chips! Be an interesting gathering!
    • Home is Hitchin. A remarkable town with a strong sense of community and a “can do” attitude.
    • Chairman of the Hitchin British Schools Trust. Past president Luton & St Albans CII.
    • Rotarian since we founded Tilehouse. Privileged to have been our 3rd president.
    • Objective. To make a difference with likeminded people (coz there are the hardest to change)


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