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Tilehouse Monthly Meeting

A few notes about Tilehouse Monthly Meetings

  • Attendees at the monthly meeting are Rotarians and will pay the usual subscription fee and donation to Foundation.
  • Meetings are under the Hitchin Tilehouse Rotary Club umbrella.
  • There will be no breakfast costs although you will be asked to contribute towards any minor costs for nibbles/drinks if the meeting is held in a member’s home.



If you are struggling to make breakfast meetings because of work commitments or feel that a Rotary meeting once a month (or so) at a different time, in a different place, with other Rotarians is more suitable for you please let me know.  It is important that you do let me know if you wish to attend one of the meetings – these will be “opt in” meetings for obvious reasons.

The format for the meetings is:

(a) 40 minutes to socialize and have a coffee/wine etc
(b) 10 minutes about Rotary in general
(c) 30-40 minutes taking about projects within club

The time allowed for each meeting is 2 hours to include some social time and to allow people to join a little later than the start time if necessary.  However if this proves to be too long the meeting times will be reduced

Meetings are “minuted” and reports circulated to members and posted in the members section



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