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Furry Guests


We has some unusual guests for breakfast last Friday. Teddies from Rotary Guernsey stopped by to visit us. They tucked into eggs and bacon and even posed for some photos with club President Mike  Wells.

Pictures show them gossiping about their summer holidays!


IMG_3151 IMG_3149













End Polio Now

Help Rotary Win the Fight against Polio


  • Polio is a disease which has no cure, but is completely preventable.
  • Since the global initiative began more than 25 years ago, Rotary and its partners have reduced polio cases by 99.9% percent worldwide.
  • Polio eradication has been Rotary’s flagship project since 1985, with members donating time and money to help immunize more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries. Since the global initiative began more than 25 years ago, Rotary and its partners have reduced polio cases by 99.9% worldwide.
  • Through he “End Polio Now: Make History Today” campaign, every dollar Rotary contributed to polio eradication (up to US$35 million/year through 2018) will be matched 2-to-1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Rotary has contributed more than US$1.5 billion dollars and committed countless volunteer hours to fight the disease.


  • Rotary and its partners are making progress along a multi-year plan to end polio. Only two countries – Pakistan and Afghanistan – have never stopped transmission of the disease.
  • In 2014, India was certified as polio-free.
  • Africa has not seen a new case of polio since August 2014.
  • Nigeria, Africa’s only remaining polio-endemic country, was removed from the list of polio endemic countries in September 2015.
  • In September 2015, type 2 wild poliovirus was declared eradicated by the World Health Organization. The last case of type 3 wild poliovirus was 10 November 2012. This strongly indicates that we have completely eliminated all but one strain (type 1) of wild poliovirus.
  • All countries must continue to maintain high routine immunization coverage.


  • Polio is a disease which has no cure, but is completely preventable.
  • Polio efforts are reaching previously inaccessible children, which opens the door to them benefiting from other global health and development resources.
  • The infrastructure created by the polio program – from the vast surveillance and laboratory networks, to the hundreds of thousands of local health workers – are already being used to address other health challenges and diseases.


You can help us help to end this – watch this space for more details

See  to learn more




? ? ? Let’s get Quizzical ? ? ?


The tension at Hitchin boys was high on Saturday night….
How many people would be in each of the 11 teams for the Supper Quiz ?
Would it be 6, 8 10 12 ?
Who would win receive the coveted trophy ?, who would lose and get the wooden spoon?. What nibbles should I bring, how much wine should I buy is Pinot or Sauvignon Blanc best?

It was all too much.

The teams and friends of Hitchin Tilehouse are a clever bunch.
Not even one question was too hard for them, everyone got some questions right. Amazingly, some teams got more answers correct than others




The picture round had just one question that was too much for the Tilehousians and friends. Who is this ?In fact you all gained extra credibility by not knowing who he is.
Alan Doggett provided the supper that was gratefully received and eaten.Enid Blytons Mallowy Towers was great to see.


Ananda and Sue just had to join in!


almost everyone is helping!


Each team was given a pack of spaghetti and marshmallows.
They had about 7 minutes to build as high a free standing structure as they could.


Maxine and her winning ladies

All of the teams tried valiantly, but with a winning height of 99cms Maxine’s team won the round.

All the questions were completed, a couple of rounds of Heads and Tails ensued whilst Tracy added up the scores on the Master Scoreboard.

Quiz Update (dragged)

Well done to Hitchin Hedgehogs who won with 137 points (76%) Apart from the trophy, they also received wine and chocolates.


The amazing Hitchin Hedgehogs


Bad luck to team Forty Six – who actually did worse that their team name suggests and got 40% They were consoled by receiving the wooden spoon.



Team 46

The whole evening was fun, hopefully not too taxing and raised £457 for local good causes.






Charity Golf Day & Prize Winning Dinner

Friday 3rd June 2016

@ Letchworth Golf Club


please download flyer to join us


Awards and Handover Meeting

What a fabulous start to a marathon weekend. It was a full house for Tilehouse as we attended President Denise’s final breakfast. We celebrated all that we have achieved over the past year, we presented much deserved awards and then handed over to the 2015/16 team – no pressure!

Paul Harris Fellow from the community

Lorna Hemmings – Hitchin Volunteers Army


Tracey Higginbotham – Services to Scouting


Denise Wells – Services to Scouting


Paul Harris Fellows from Tilehouse

Mike Wells


Gill Blachford


Andrew Phillips


Steve Dawson



Martin Neads Award 

this years outstanding member presented by Diana Neads

Louise Yexley

IMG_8387 (1)

and it’s all yours Mike!




Raising Money for Shelterbox

article from The Comet 7/5/15


Kurry for Kathmandu


article from The Comet 30/4/15



Tilehouse remembers

29th April 2013

Today is the second anniversary of the death of Toni Lee Hayward, our visitor from New Zealand.
Club members are thinking of, and send love to, her husband, Alson, her daughters and family at this time.
Her fellow travellers are also very much in our thoughts.




Tilehouse Lights up

an article from The Comet 2/4/15


Projects aimed at Students

an article from The Comet 2/4/15


Greenfingers @ Stagenhoe

an article from The Comet 10/4/15


The Great Comic Relief (Tilehouse) Bake-Off 


What Fabulous start to Friday, we had a wonderful breakfast in a lovely setting at du Tea in Bridge Street, Hitchin,  a change from our usual venue giving us a change to mingle.






Janine and Anca pulled out all the stops to provide a very tasty array of cheeses, meats and yummy pastries. Thank you both for getting up early and working hard so that we could raise money for Comic Relief.










Brenda_and Helena_




Plus as it was a very special day Brenda and Helena organised The Great Comic Relief (Tilehouse) Bake-Off.










Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty. They work tirelessly all year round to help make our vision a reality. And since they started out in 1985, they’ve raised over £950 million. They follow 5 themes: Better futures, Healthier Finances, Safer Communities & Fairer Society.

We are proud to be supporting Comic Relief who have helped:

  • 1 million children in Africa to get an education
  • 3 Million people with HIV
  • Over 6 million people be protected from Malaria
  • Over 120,000 young people at risk from sexual exploitation and trafficking
  • 1.5 million calls through a Domestic Violence help-line




Some members were clearly up all night baking and creating.

Over £150 was raised thanks to a raffle with some of the cakes as prizes. Although many calorie-conscious members were secretly hoping they wouldn’t win!

Huge thanks to du Tea, Brenda and Helena and Nationwide in Hitchin who are selling the rest or the cakes. And to our fabulous members!


Lucy, Makes her Face Funny for Money!


Hitchin Volunteer Army – Lorna Hemmings


Com Voc committee have been hugely lucky to work with the lovely Lorna on some of her projects. We all think she is fantastic, and we are so pleased that her hard work has been recognised.

lorna copy

Article from The Comet 5/3/15

Paving @ Stagenhoe

Doesn’t sound like a big deal does it, some paving around some raised beds?  How wrong you would be.  This pathway funded through a joint venture with  Hitchin Tilehouse Rotary Club and Dermal Laboratories will make an enormous difference.  It will mean that the residents of Stagenhoe can get out into the garden and can actually tend to the raised beds.  The path is wide enough to cope with both wheelchairs and hospital beds,  meaning all the residents can access the plot.

from this

FullSizeRender copy





to this, and yes we arranged sunshine 🙂


stagenhoe FullSizeRender


To compliment this new addition members from club will be joining project lead Robert Houghton in a spring weed busting event over the next few weeks, and again a few weeks after that, and again later in the year, and again next year……..


Whisky Tasting

Hitchin Wine & Food Festival

Read all about it – lovely article in The Comet, same again next year?


Hitchin Tilehouse on a Roll!

As part of the club’s ongoing support of the Letchworth Food Bank Robert Houghton delivered 324 toilet rolls which had been donated by Freedom Paper Converters Ltd of Birmingham. The rolls were gratefully received by Jane Gentry who is a volunteer worker at  the food bank. These rolls were in addition to 200 long life carrier bags kindly donated recently by Euro Packaging UK Ltd, Birmingham.

photo 2



Hitchin Tilehouse Mentors


30 Rotarians support young people


Pupils and teachers from Hitchin Boys School listen to the opening address


David McIntosh and Sue Manning from Hitchin Tilehouse Rotary Club, have spent the last couple of years building links with local schools, taking care to understand the changing curriculum. With teachers needing to provide a balanced and broadly based learning programme, they discovered there were many ways that Rotarians could help.

The National Curriculum in England (2014) says that one of the key obligations for secondary schools is “to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.”  Andrew McPherson, Deputy Head at Hitchin Boys School, thought that connecting with the community and local business people through mentoring would lend valuable insights to pupils as they think about their futures.

After the initial set up of establishing guidelines and objectives, the programme was launched at a pre-school breakfast where mentors, pupils and teachers came together for the first time.  David and Sue took great care to understand what pupils wanted to get from the mentor partnership so they could be matched with mentors from Hitchin Tilehouse who had the relevant knowledge and skills.


left to right: Maggie Dyer, Colin Eades, Alan Wright, Steve Dyer all RCHT Mentors, Andrew McPherson, Deputy Head of Hitchin Boys School and David McIntosh Member RCHT and programme co-founder.


The pupils’ needs were varied.  William Harrop, year 11 wanted to “get a clear picture of what I would need to do to get to my goal in journalism.”  Jordan Mensah and Joseph Pridmore, year 12 pupils, both wanted to get information and insights into careers in law.

Preparing for University was another hot topic, whether it was advice on completing UCAS forms or qualifications to gain.  Tom Manning and Leon Collis felt that it was important to hear from people who had actually been to university and found ways to make their UCAS forms stand out. 

For some pupils, more personal experiences were at the forefront of their minds when they volunteered to take part in the scheme.  George Spary, year 12, said “My brother did A’ Levels and didn’t have advice.  Because of that, I would like to have a mentor who can give me advice on what to do after my A’ Levels.”

Having now met each other, the mentors and pupils will continue to get together regularly in the Library at Hitchin Boys School.  Supported by teachers and David and Sue, the mentors and the pupils are geared up to make these opportunities the best for all concerned.

Denise Amoss



Ananda Hale, Member RCHT, Pete Carmody, Member RCHT and Co-Chair of Youth Services


Matt Reeve, Member RCHT meets his match


Hitchin Tilehouse supports






Members and guests braved the elements and headed to The Sun for our annual Children in Need breakfast. Membership Services had decorated the ballroom beautifully; banners and balloons filled the walls and some fantastic helium balloons kindly donated from Penco adorned the tables.



Our most important guests, the children, all had the opportunity to colour in a Pudsey Bear and share with us their amazing talents. As expected there was some cheating, Colin Eades was spotted in the photo line up, yes he was on his knees, but we saw him!




Louise Yexley took the task extremely seriously and covered her handiwork so no one could copy, almost like exam conditions! She did give Pudsey a lovely jumper but lets face the younger guests knocked spots off our cheating members!


Our annual event would not be complete without the bottle tombola. Dharmesh and his lovely assistants, Zoe and Bethan whizzed us through the fastest tombola ever! Bottles were flying, members were up and down like yo-yos as prizes were given out. You had to be quick or you would miss your number being called, Dharmesh was on a mission!


It was so much fun, and for a great cause.

Donations together with the tombola raised around £1000.00, all before 8.15am

IMG_8103 IMG_8102 IMG_8100 IMG_8090IMG_8104 IMG_8070IMG_8097

What a fabulous start to the day.




Gardening Party at Stagenhoe



Robert organised the final gardening party of the year up at the Sensory Garden. The weather forecast was not looking promising, always a problem when we arrange outside activities!

Robert’s aim was to get the garden ready for the winter. It was amazing how much we got cleared in a few hours of pruning, weeding and digging. Robert can now see the wood from the trees and make plans for next years planting.

Just as we were clearing up we were invited inside for a cup of tea and a scone. We headed off to the main house and was shown the board where they display the postcards.  Such an easy thing to do, just send a postcard to the house for the residents to share. While we had our tea we were joined by Alex who is a resident at Stagenhoe. He told us how important the garden is especially when his young son comes to stay. It was lovely to sit and have a chat with him.

Amazingly the rain stayed away which made for a nice morning of fellowship.


IMG_7928 IMG_7925


Tilehouse does


Funky Friday saw the members of Hitchin Tilehouse supporting the  Dyspraxia Foundation by raising money and wearing their most bright, bold and funky items of clothing.  This was the charity’s first Funky Friday and part of a week full of events and engagements.  General Manager, Eleanor Howes gave an entertaining presentation at our Club meeting during which Rotarians took part in some short, fun activities.  Whilst the activities were fun in the short term, they gave Rotarians an experience of what dyspraxia means to adults and children who have the condition for the long term.

Dyspraxia refers to people who have problems planning, organising and carrying out movements in the right order in everyday situations.  Dyspraxia can also affect articulation and speech, perception and thought.  The Dyspraxia Foundation is the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of the condition.

Eleanor, also a member of Hitchin Tilehouse and pictured centre back, brought her team along to the meeting.  We can safely say that we have never had such a bright start to our Friday morning meetings and will definitely be looking forward to encouraging more Rotarians to support Funky Friday again next year.

funky friday eh camera 510-1

For more details;



photo (4)

Members of Tilehouse embracing  image002


Thank-you letter from John Wigglesworth SERV


Please could you thank Denise Amoss  for my very warm welcome and kind words and ALL your members for the very generous donation and collection, I really enjoyed the meeting and also thank you for my breakfast and trust you have a very enjoyable and successful year.

I have visited your website  Rotary Hitchin Tilehouse and was very interested to read of all your activities.

I am delighted with the NEWS photos with Denise very good publicity for us both!!!

Thank you especially Tony for making it all happen and look forward to visiting The Hitchin Society next year I appreciate the introductions and opportunity to further the SERV charity. Please note all our details and information may be found on our own website detailed below should you wish to pass to any other Rotary or suitable meeting groups.

Yours sincerely



Speaker Meeting 3rd October 2014

We had a fabulous Speaker Meeting this morning, arranged by our Membership Services Committee.

Our speaker was John Wigglesworth from:

SERV Herts & Beds, The Real Blood Runners

SERV was formed in 1981 and delivers emergency blood products, samples and other items during the night, every night, all free of charge to hospitals.

SERV is on call 7 nights a week.

SERV can immediately dispatch a rider or driver to hospitals who need vital blood or other urgent supplies. Often delivering within two hours of the call.

SERV answers 1000 calls for help a year.

SERV relies entirely on it’s own fundraising and donations. The volunteers use all their own vehicles and pay for their own petrol.

Statistics say 1 in 7 people in hospital will have needed blood at some time.

They need help now, we might need them later!

For more details on how to help:

President Denise Amoss presenting a cheque to John, with a promise from him she could sit on his bike later!

IMG_1188 IMG_1191


and not one to duck out of a promise………




……and then maybe a little carried away?




Comet reports on the Food Bank Move


Cabbies Hut needs a revamp


Food Bank warehouse move completed!

I think a big pat on the back is required for those involved in relocating the Letchworth Food Bank into their new warehouse. Our plan over ran by a couple of hours but we eventually got the estimated ten tons of food shifted down two flights of stairs and across Letchworth into the new warehouse.

The Food Bank serves people / families who are in crisis through distribution centers in Letchworth, Baldock and Hitchin distributing about two tons of food a month. The Food Bank is run by volunteers throughout the week so the move had to be performed on a weekend. After conversations with us the Food Bank were delighted that they could rely on Rotary to manage the move for them.

Alan Wright planned the move, Susie Kirby secured us two vans which were loaned free of charge. Then twenty Rotarian’s and Friends turned up on the day to make it happen.

van photo 2 photo 4

empty fullpiles happyphoto 1


Food Bank has a new warehouse

Bank Holiday weekend the Food Bank that services Letchworth, Baldock and Hitchin move into their new warehouse. The move is being project managed by the Rotary Club of Hitchin Tilehouse, who are also providing the muscle along with some helpers from Hitchin Volunteer Army. Tilehouse has been down to the new warehouse erecting some new shelving prior to the move in order to get a head start.

Below is Mike D’Souza and Sue Attwood (warehouse manager) with some of the new shelving. I am not sure if it is Mike or the shelving that is wonky!




Digital Inclusion Project

The Rotary Club of Hitchin Tilehouse are working in partnership with NHCVS who are delivering a Digital Inclusion Project for people who want to get online. Tilehouse are there to act as classroom assistance so that Thom from NHCVS can keep the sessions flowing. So far it has been a learning curve for all involved as we have been presented with a series of challenging problems regarding emails!

Below Stella and Mike are assisting two of the class, who is teaching who!

Digital Inclusion


Weed Busting Team August 2014

The Rotary Club of Hitchin Tilehouse started work on a Sensory Garden for the residents of the Sue Ryder home at Stagenhoe. The project was to breathe new life into an old garden up at the residential home. The residents have neurological disorders so the garden was designed to stimulate the senses by having wind chimes, nice smelling plants and flowers.

In May 2014 Tilehouse completed another milestone of the project by putting a fence around the garden.


New club member Robert Houghton has taken the project lead, he is looking to prepare the garden ready for 2015. He will work with Sue Manning to design a low maintenance garden for the residents to enjoy.

Garden team

The first phase was to send a weed busting team up to Stagenhoe to tidy up the garden, which took place in August. They will then go up again in September to clean up and split some of the plants. Robert was joined by Sue Manning, Doug Watkinson, Mike D’Souza, Andrew Phillips and Mike Richmond. The huge pile of weeds was generated after a few hours of digging.

Weed busters