Rotary International

Rotary International (RI)

Although you pay membership fees to a local club, when you join Rotary you are joining a worldwide organization with the shared values to serve others; to give something back; to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace by collectively utilising the skills, talents and energy of our members. It also means that you are welcome to attend any Rotary club meeting anywhere in the world (best to tell them you are coming though)

Tilehouse as a club fits into the Rotary Organogram as follows

wh-286-rgbRotary Organogram


Administration of Rotary International is broken down into 34 zones plus RIBI; the UK is unique in that RIBI is a self-governing satellite of RI (no big deal just we were the only ones to accept the invitation back in 1922) This sheet gives more detail

Rotary’s leadership team includes the RI Board of Directors, The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees, and the executive staff of the Secretariat. The RI president oversees the RI Board and is elected annually; the RI Board is responsible for establishing policy for Rotary International. Directors serve two-year terms.

The Rotary International website is well worth a visit for loads on the organization what it offers members and its work;the following is a few details we have highlighted:

  • The current RI Strategic Plan:

RI Strat 1 RI Strat 2 RI Strat 3









































  • Structure

Rotary International’s general secretary is a member of both the RI Board and The Rotary Foundation Trustees. RI’s staff also includes a deputy general secretary and four general managers.

  • Financials

Rotary Int Financials