Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI)

RIBI as a self-governing administrative unit and has its own constitution and by-laws, these differ slightly from but are in harmony with the RI Manual of Procedure. More details on the benefits of this arrangement here

The leadership body of RIBI is the General Council, chaired by the President, and is made up of the 29 RIBI district governors plus the elected officers – President, Immediate Past President, the Vice President and the Honorary Treasurer. Interestingly the Secretary/CEO of RIBI is an officer engaged by the General Council but she (RIBI Secretary is Tilehouse member and former President Amanda Watkin) has no vote in its proceedings. Neither the Vice President Elect nor the RI Director are officers of RIBI but both are invited to all meetings of the General Council.

RIBI works to execute and support the plans and strategies of RI; Prior to her taking the role as Secretary Tilehouse member Amanda Watkin was a member of the General Council and leading the efforts on strengthening clubs and developing membership.More details available here: Membership-development and retention

The work of RIBI is executed through Service Committees with responsibilities as follows:

  • Membership, Development and Retention
  • Rotary Foundation
  • Marketing, PR and Communications
  • Community Service
  • International Service
  • Youth Service
  • Rotaract
  • Vocational Service

Discover more including such fascinating facts as committee terms of reference here

RIBI collects £2.7m in subscriptions from its members (approx. £50 per member) of which about £1m is paid to Rotary International. The balance is spent as follows:

                                                         £ ‘000s
Administration costs                             870
Grants to District                                  305
Insurance                                             125
Training and Other (inc Assembly)       185
TOTAL                                               1,700



Each District and clubs within the district operate under a similar structure as RIBI except for District the leader is Governor rather than President:


District Governor – Jenny Muir 2014-2015
District Governor Elect – Pru Dixon 2015-2016
District Governor Nominee –
District Secretary – John Belcher
Treasurer – Terry Wagstaff

Also the secretary is an elected official

Committees follow the same pattern as RIBI with some amalgamations or omissions. The following is the list with their current leader

Membership – Mark Hjertzen
Rotary Foundation – Charles Chaney
PR/Comm – Chalmers Cursley
Community Service – David Cassell
International Service – Paul Manning
Youth Service – Iola Samuels

District Meetings are:

District Council (Quarterly) – consider issues from District Committees
District Committees (Every 2 months) – consider issues from Club committee meetings/ideas
District Assembly (annual) – preparation for new year and share International themes, plans/ideas for district
District AGM (annual) – election of Officers, Plans for year
District Conference (annual) – celebration of year, ideas for next year, fellowship and lots of fun!

Costs of running District are comparatively small; approx. £20-25 of each annual individual subscription goes to District which together with a grant from RIBI provides a total of £60k to fund expenses of the organization as follows:

Executive (District Governor, etc.)                    16,130
Admin                                                                  8,605
International Projects                                             700
Community and Vocation                                       500
Youth Services                                                  10,060
Foundation                                                          9,620
Conference                                                       14,700
Total                                                                  60,415


Tilehouse Budget

We have the same committee structure as District except we do not have conference and do have a PR and Communications team. More details of these teams can be found elsewhere on our website

Membership of Tilehouse Rotary costs £90 per year. As above £55 of this is paid to RIBI, of which approx. £18 goes to Rotary International, and £22 goes to District. The balance of your £90 (£13) is used to fund the administrative costs of our club.