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This page is a discussion page where you can post comments, ask questions, or discuss

issues affecting Rotary and our club.  General code of conduct is be constructive and ask to understand not prove a point.

We especially welcome contributions from newer members; you will probably find that you are asking the questions longer serving members were afraid to ask.

1. What are the differences between our monthly meetings and weekly breakfast meetings?

There are a few differences but significantly more similarities between the two meetings and the intent is the same – fellowship and working for our communities. Take a look at the attached table for a more details.

Remember that the meeting you attend does not define your membership

2. How do we ensure that every member has as wide an opportunity to vote on proposals for projects and or donations?

Traditionally votes were only recorded at Business (breakfast) meetings so only those able to attend were included in the discussion and voting; email voting has been allowed for some awards though.  On this website there is a new function being tested on the electronic voting page, please do try it out. If the experiment proves successful it will be incorporated into a process and subject to approval by the membership will be used in the future to publicise and capture views on proposals   

3. I have lost my password for the website

There is an automatic password renewal system access via the log on page; alternatively email

 4. What is Rotary Foundation and why do we contribute?

Similar to the way Tilehouse has a club and a trust fund, the Rotary Foundation is the charitable trust attached to Rotary International. It makes grants and donations totalling around $200m a year (over $2bn since its inception in 1947) more details on the areas the foundation supports can be found on the Rotary Foundation page. These grants include supporting projects run by Rotary Clubs such as the Tilehouse Haiti Project.

Donations and legacies to the Rotary Foundation come from both Rotarians and Non-Rotarians. The general expection is that integral to what a Rotary club does every year is to support the Rotary Foundation by at least $100 per member. Its a two-way street though so if the club meets that challenge it can then apply for supporting grants for its own projects from Foundation.

Tilehouse lead by the work of the foundation committee has met that expectation every year since it was chartered, together with other donations a total of over $50k.

5. What is ‘Sustaining Membership’ and how does it fit in with our club donation to Foundation?

The somewhat clunky sounding ‘Sustaining Membership Scheme’ refers to direct donations to the Rotary Foundation and those made by Rotary members are recognized/recorded as part of their clubs overall contribution; if you are a tax payer these direct donations qualify for Gift Aid Tax Relief. NB donations from the club do not qualify.

If you would like to join the Sustaining Membership Scheme contact a member of the Foundation Committee for the forms.

6. Would you like to know how to post information to the website?

Firstly – brilliant as the more members posting to the website the more interesting and vibrant it will be.  Please Log on and go to the user guide page in the members section. There is a Posting document which gives a step by step instructions with screen shots. If in any doubt contact  Alan Wright or Doug Watkinson or email and we will help.

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